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Włoska księgarnie Italicus
Italicus, Translation Bureau and Italian Bookshop, has been at your service offering help and advice for more than 20 years. Therefore this is a special occasion to remind that our maturity is manifested by full professionalism, reliability and punctuality and that we are open to your suggestions both: as to the subject matter of the services and the distribution and popularization of Italian books.

Italicus Translation Bureau provides translational services in the following areas:


  • literary, scientific and specialised texts, including legal, economic, technical, IT, medical, historic, religious, geographical or artistic texts, texts from the field of architecture, sociology, tourism, museology, catering, musicology, etc., texts for publication, e.g. scientific articles, reviews, essays, textbooks, tourist guides, web sites, as well as promotional leaflets and catalogues.

  •  technical texts such as manuals, certificates, business technical brochures, product descriptions, machine and appliance specifications, as well as product catalogues, patents, reports, price lists, etc.

  • texts connected with business activity, e.g. contracts, protocols, rules, commercial offers, bank documents, balance sheets, financial statements, studies and audits

  • correspondence: informational texts, CVs, letters of application, leaflets, offers, surveys and any private and official correspondence

  • documents: notarial deeds, judicial documents, vital records, fiscal documents, certificates, attestations, school certificates and diplomas, invoices, vehicle registration cards, etc.

Upon the Client’s order all translations can be certified by a sworn translator.


  • during business meetings, negotiations, general meetings, working meetings, conferences and congresses, trainings, technical acceptances, trade shows and business presentations, during visits of Italian delegations.

The Client defines the type of interpreting:

- consecutive
- simultaneous
- requiring a sworn interpreter

Italicus Translation Bureau guarantees that the translations are done in a professional way and the information revealed by the clients are confidential. Certified translations are made pursuant to applicable laws of the code of professional conduct and according to the rules of professional ethics.

Our services are recommended by:

- Italian Consulate in Warsaw – in particular concerning certified translations – it authenticates translator’s signature on the documents to be used in conduct of legal transactions in Italy
- Italian Institute for Foreign Trade in Warsaw (I.C.E.) – in particular concerning translation services for Italian delegations, as well as during trainings and presentations of Italian companies
- Numerous Clients; some of them have been so kind as to express their opinion in letters of reference

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